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About ME

Anit Lau - Go-To-Market Strategist.

Helping recognized brands and startups build smart and scalable marketing strategies to grow their business. 

She combines behavioral psychology and data analytics to create marketing strategies.

Prior to Anit Lau Marketing Consulting, Anit was a regional marketing head at a global broker. She spent 7 years working on marketing projects for startups and entrepreneur projects. 

Anit is a digital native but deeply loves psychology marketing and consumer behavior. She has certificates in Marketing Analytics and Market Strategy. 

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+ keep up with the trends


- Market Research and Consumer Behavior - Positioning - Marketing Mix Fundamentals - Marketing Plan


Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specializations

- Blockchain Transformations of Financial Services - Blockchain in Financial Services: Strategic Action Plan


Google Ads Measurement Certification

- Google Ads performance measurement


HubSpot Academy SEO Certification

- Evaluate and improve your website's SEO - Build backlinks to your website at scale to increase your website's visibility on the search engine results page - Use insights from keyword research and reporting to improve your search performance


Marketing Analytics

- The Marketing Process - Brand Assets Measurement - Brand Architecture Building - Customer Lifetime Value - Marketing Experiments


Google Analytics Individual Qualification

- Google Analytics operations


HubSpot Academy Content Marketing

- Building a Content Creation Framework - Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy - Building a Guest Blogging Strategy

+ What makes us different?

Develops and implements services based on the fundamental facts and figures clarified from extensive market research and positioning.
Having a history of success in the marketing field. Presenting strong growth marketing plans and strategies thorough research and analysis.
Expand business to International marekets. Deep understanding of the marketing practices of Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines.
Obtained multiple qualifications that acknowledged skill sets in marketing plan & strategi, Facebook and Google advertising, content marketing, and SEO.
7 years tracked record in growing business.
Provide comprehensive research, positioning, planning, and digital marketing execution to support brand's growth.
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