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Case study:


Chatbot design & installation -

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- Sales funnel design - Conversation flow design - Chatbot installation - In-person chatbot coach



Hong Kong

Company background

Owen F Element Workshop (OFEW), is a Hong Kong-based company. Established in 2019. we are a digital marketing agency, specializing in Ecommerce, Marketing automation, Social media agency and identity design production. Chatbot marketing servicing is launched after the we coached and designed the chatbot for it.


The Challenges

  • Lack of knowledge of chatbot marketing

  • Fail to generate leads through Facebook Ad

  • Need a chatbot design and technical skillet workshop

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+ Understand the existing market and the availability 

+ Discover the new opportunities

+ Install a tailored chatbot for the revenue growth

+ Learn the technical skillet of chatbot


Anit Lau - Work Portfolio - ofew - 1.png

The approaches 

  • Conduct competitor research and analysis 

  • Define the profitable targeting segmentation

  • Design the USP for the app based on the SWOT

  • Develop a profitable conversation chatbot

  • Coach Ofew the technical skillet of developing chatbot from sketch

The key deliverables


Define the company targeting segmentation and positioning 


Conversational flow design


Conversation design and chatbot knowledge coaching 

Some of other work

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