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Case study:


China 11.11 Sales Campaign

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​- Campaign ideas - Campaign objectives - Target audience - Offering conditions and mechanism - Campaign road map - Media plan - Action plan - Creative & message strategies



Mainland China & Taiwan

Company background

A Swiss bank ranked global top 15 in broker industry access APAC, UAE, and Europe markets. Offering forex(Retails and institutions), cryptocurrency and virtual banking services.


The Challenges

  • promoting sales campaigns for financial products in a country with strict regulations

  • Enhance marketing and sales initiatives while ensuring brand safety

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+ Identify and develop new sales or activation channels to drive local to global sales
Develop a sales and marketing strategy to build localised brand image and awareness
+  Generated leads and revenue


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The approaches 

  • Developed a highly localized marketing campaign based on the headquarters' marketing guidance.

  • Develop and execute the action plan & media plan.

  • Budget control and review.

  • The 11.11 campaign was developed from concept, mechanism, creative materials, and integrated promotions using various communication tools.

  • Launched on China's leading mainstream media, WeChat, Facebook (TW only) and top financial publications.

  • Monitored the KPIs and goals that were established to generate leads and sales.


The key results


The only overseas broker to make an appearance in 2018's mainstream media iQiYi (愛奇I藝).


In 2018, the first international global broker launched 11.11 marketing campaigns in China.

Some of other work

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