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Case study:


South East Asia Hari Raya Campaign

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- Campaign ideas - Campaign objectives - Audience targeting - Offering conditions & mechanism - Campaign road map - Media plan - Action plan - Creative & message strategies

Company background

S.A.M. Trade (Samtrade)  is an award-winning Singapore broker presented in South-East Asia and China.  It was founded in 2015 serving over 200,000 clients worldwide. The offerings include forex, commodities, crypto, and CFD trading. Copy-trading platform is developed.



South East Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand


The Challenges

  • The company wanted to encourage potential clients to try out its trading platform 

  • Targeted South East Asia prospects with a highly localised sales campaign

  • Effectively promoted through highly restricted channels without violating policies

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+ Formulated and implement highly localized marketing campaigns in SEA
Generated leads and revenue in the promotional region
+ Get leads to use the platform to spread word of mouth

Tracked and evaluated the performance


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The approaches 

  • Formulated and executed a festive campaign to promote incentives on multiple communication tools and media.

  • Develop and execute the action plan & media plan.

  • Budget control and review.

  • Provided key insights and a metric-based evaluation of the entire campaign.

  • Tracked online performance and attributions using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook Pixel.


The key results


Campaigns in the SEA regions that generated 1000+ leads in a single month outperformed the benchmark CPL.


WOM was received based on widespread exposure on influential financial media

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