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Case study:


Growth Hacking on Social Media
& Community

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- Social Media and Digital Audit  - Market Research - Competitive Analysis - Growth Hacking Plan & Strategy - Customer Journey - Social Listening - Social Media Strategies -Social Media Content Plan  Tracking & Evaluation 



South East Asia Region

Company background

S.A.M. Trade (Samtrade)  is an award-winning Singapore broker presented in South-East Asia and China.  It was founded in 2015 serving over 200,000 clients worldwide. The offerings include forex, commodities, crypto, and CFD trading. Copy-trading platform is developed. 


The Challenges

  • Samtrade FX ran on social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • The growth performance was not satisfying.

  • They desired to archive higher number of followers on Facebook. 

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  • 1239262
  • Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn
+ 40% growth on page followers within 3 months
Monitored and controlled the reviews on Facebook

Launched monthly marketing campaigns


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The approaches 

  •  Audited the Facebook Page

  • Analyze the reasons for low performance

  • Delivered a 6-months of Facebook management plan on a slim budget and massive growth.

  • The strategies covered engagement marketing and nurturing marketing.

  • Marketing initiatives that aligned with the marketing plan.

  • Daily tracking and report the performance weekly of post engagements and budget.

The key results


The Engagement Rate Increased 20%


The Number of Page Followers Reach to 100K from 70K in 3 Months


Monthly Marketing Campaign Plan & Execution was launched

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