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Market Research & Insights

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​- Market Research -Market Trend Insights - Industry Convention & Strategy - Competitor Analysis - Positioning, Marketing Mix, Go-to-Market Strategies - Consumer Behavior Research - Brand Differentiation & Positioning strategy - Target Segmentation - Target Audience and Buyer Persona - SWOT Analysis



Mainland China & Taiwan

Company background

A Swiss bank ranked global top 15 in broker industry access APAC, UAE, and Europe markets. Offering forex(Retails and institutions), cryptocurrency and virtual banking services.


The Challenges

  • China banned forex-related promotions.

  • No physical and digital promotions were allowed.

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+ Clear understanding of the latest market trend and environment in China
Insights of the best marketing practice and promotional platforms in China
+  Identified the growth opportunities in China


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The approaches 

  • Conducted market research and insights into industry conventions and competitor practices.

  •  Outlined the appropriate target audience and buyer personas in accordance with the HQ direction.

  • Introduced the trending marketing platform in China to the Swiss team.

  • Developed detailed insights to proceed to the planning stage.

The key results

Performance review report was delivered

Regional competitor research and analyze
were delivered

Growth opportunities in China insights was delivered

Some of other work

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