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Case study:


Marketing Plan & Strategy

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- Goals & SMART Objective - Marketing Mix Strategy & Tactics - Communication mix - Tactical Marketing Plan - Action plans - Metrics & Evaluation - Budget forecast and review



Mainland China & Taiwan

Company background

A Swiss bank ranked global top 15 in broker industry access APAC, UAE, and Europe markets. Offering forex(Retails and institutions), cryptocurrency and virtual banking services.


The Challenges

  • China banned forex-related promotions.

  • No physical and digital promotions were allowed.

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+ Clear understanding of the latest market trend and environment in China
Insights of the best marketing practice and promotional platforms in China
+  Identified the growth opportunities in China


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The approaches 

  • Developed an annual plans & strategies aligned with HQ directions but highly localised.

  • Develop and execute plans that covered B2C and B2B.

  • Lead awareness and accquision campaign including sponsorship campain and expos.

  • Introduce proper communication channels like WeChat, Baidu Search, iQiYi, etc.

  • Decide and execute effective Chinese communication mix, social media, media buy, events, and promotional campaigns.

The key results


Localized plans, communications, and activities maximized prospect reach.


Keep the brand safe in China, where there are strict rules for forex industry.


Constantly increase the brand's recognition through campaigns

Some of other work

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