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Case study:


South East Asia
Marketing Plan & Strategy

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- Positioning and target segmentation - SMART & objectives - Customer journey - Growth hacking programs - Communication mix framework - Plan action plans & media plans - Budget forecast and review

Company background

S.A.M. Trade (Samtrade)  is an award-winning Singapore broker presented in South-East Asia and China.  It was founded in 2015 serving over 200,000 clients worldwide. The offerings include forex, commodities, crypto, and CFD trading. Copy-trading platform is developed. 



South East Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand


The Challenges

  • Define a annual marketing plans for countries to grow the brand

  • Formulate and implement a profitable marketing plan and strategies for various countries

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+ Utilize the marketing strategy and plan to reach the intended market segments
Drive the company growth in terms of brand recognition and sales
+ Define budget and KPI


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The approaches 

  • Determine product positioning and ideal market niches.

  • Plan and execute annual plans & tactical strategies to expand the business and sales.

  • Create acquisition  programs and customer retention programs.

  • Determine and execute the comminicaton mix for each stage of the conversion funnel.

  • Plan action plans & media plans

  • Create a marketing calendar for countries that includes both digital and physical activities that promote awareness and sales.

  • Create SMART goals, metrics, and KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness and goals of the annual performance.

  • Create budget forecast and review

The key deliverables


Gain brand recognition using a variety of tactics, including a social media, sponsorships, and influencer marketing.


Sales Promote sales in various countries.


Gain market share and brand recognition across several regions.

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