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Case study:


Social Media & Content Planning

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- Social media and digital audit - Market research - Competitive analysis - Content gap analysis - Tone of voice set up - Content ideas & curation - Social media content plan - Social media calendar - Tracking & evaluation

Company background

GC Contest was a new-to-market Fintech brand which wanted to reach the South Africa market.



South Africa

South East Asia


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The Challenges

  • The company didn't have a place of business in South Africa.

  • Searched for a minimal strategy to break into this brand-new, developing market.

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+ Established an online presence in South Africa
Acknowledged the social media environment in South Africa
+ Created an extensive content strategy


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The approaches 

  • Conducted the market research in South Africa

  • Provided insight into the rending social media landscapes in South Africa.

    Delivered a social media marketing strategy outlining the best social media techniques to the target market.


  • Managed a Facebook page and a Twitter channels to reach a massive audience.

  • Created a content strategy with tactics to rasie awareness and sales.

  • Monitored the performance and budget.


The key results


100% account opening increment in regions in 3 months

3K +

Generated 3K+ leads within 1 month

Some of other work

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